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Hey Everyone! I wanted to create this suite for those of us that are fans and slightly obsessed with this outstanding show! We can chat about the shows and what we think (and wish) will happen next. We could also share spoilers we may find online or through other sources :) I know it will be fun!

"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 22, "The Other Side of This Life"

Posted By Entertainment on May 4, 2007 at 11:00AM

Well, that's what all the anticipation was for. Our very special "Grey's Anatomy" aired last night, advancing things for our doctors at Seattle Grace and offering a glimpse of what could become "Private Practice" if ABC picks up the show for the fall. And I've got to say, I was underwhelmed by both shows. The awkward, back-and-forth structure kept me from enjoying — or even concentrating on — either one. I know the writers want to pretend this was just another episode of "Grey's," but we all know by now that the LA stuff is meant to be a pilot, so admit it and give it its own hour so we can form a coherent opinion already. Yeesh.

To save you from going through that dizzying hell all over again, I'm going to recap the two parts separately. Read my thoughts on "Private Practice" here, and to talk about what happened in Seattle last night, read more

Which Will You Prefer: "Grey's" or "Private Practice"?

Posted By Entertainment on May 4, 2007 at 5:59AM

OK, it might not be fair to ask this so early, but I've got to do it. Based on Thursday night's special "Grey's Anatomy," which series would be more likely to win a spot on your fall TV viewing schedule: "Grey's" or "Private Practice"? (For the sake of the argument, "both" is not an option!)

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More Details Spill about "Grey's" Spinoff

Posted By Entertainment on May 1, 2007 at 1:09PM

We've heard the rumors, we've seen the pictures, and we're getting tantalizingly close to watching the "Grey's Anatomy" episode that could become "Private Practice." As if my anticipation weren't already high enough, the Los Angeles Times recently published a fascinating story that addressed some of the myths about the spinoff and made me even more intrigued for Thursday's episode. Scroll down for some of the best revelations.

  • The spinoff was Shonda's idea. My theory was that ABC wanted to capitalize on the success of "Grey's" by starting the second series, but network entertainment president Stephen McPherson said creator Shonda Rhimes and executive producer Betsy Beers approached him with the idea last fall. "I immediately kissed them," he told the LA Times. "I flipped for it."
  • It's not "Grey's 2.0." Don't think of this like a "CSI" spinoff, with essentially the same plot but a different setting and cast. Rhimes described the show as lighter than "Grey's," and Beers called it "more neurotic." More neurotic than "Grey's"? Seriously?

Two more, so read more

"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 21, "Desire"

Posted By Entertainment on Apr 27, 2007 at 10:56AM

As the title would suggest, this episode of "Grey's Anatomy" was all about desire and where it lands you — which, if the show can be believed, is a big, fat nowhere. Everyone saw their desires backfire this time, setting up a lot of heartache for the final episodes of the season, so for all the details (plus a TON of pictures), read more

What Really Happens on the "Grey's Anatomy" Set

Posted By Entertainment on Apr 22, 2007 at 12:05PM

I know a lot of you didn't get to see the "Grey's Anatomy" season two gag reel before it got pulled from YouTube the first time around. Luckily, there's another chance: One of my favorite parts, which shows the actors' reactions after flubbing their lines, is back online. Check it out while you can, but be warned: Some of the actors and actresses (Ellen Pompeo, I'm looking at you) get a little saucy with their language when they've screwed up a scene, so best to get the kiddos out of the room first. And if that's not enough "Grey's" for you, don't forget to check out my recap of this week's episode and this awesome photo gallery from the May 3 episode that also serves as a pilot for "Private Practice".

To see Ellen cursing up a storm, Patrick talking about his hair, and Katherine and Sandra nearly kissing in the locker room, read more

"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 20, "Time After Time"

Posted By Entertainment on Apr 20, 2007 at 11:31AM

So as I said earlier, I surprised myself by liking this week's "Grey's Anatomy." We got glimpses of all the families and surrogate families swirling around Seattle Grace: Meredith and her "fake mommy," Jane Doe/Ava and the family that might be hers, and Izzie and George (who I think are just so much better as friends, by the way, but more on that later). If you're ready to talk about it, read more

Does "Grey's" Have Its Groove Back?

Posted By Entertainment on Apr 20, 2007 at 9:26AM

I've had my problems with "Grey's Anatomy" recently, but I've got to say, I thought last night's episode was pretty great. You can check out my recap, but first, tell me:

TV Tonight: ABC's Thursday Night Shows

Posted By Entertainment on Apr 19, 2007 at 8:30AM

Considering the slump NBC's Thursday lineup is having these days, we can probably hand tonight's ratings crown to ABC right now. The last time all three of the network's Thursday shows were new was March 21, but it feels like even longer ago than that, so it's a good thing that at least two of the three appear to have great episodes lined up for the evening. (I've checked out of "October Road" — anyone still watching?) On "Ugly Betty," Daniel reverts to his hard-partying ways, Betty somehow ends up at a club, and the diaries of Fey Sommers get leaked to the press. Then, on "Grey's Anatomy," well, this happens. Can I contain my excitement? No, I cannot. To see a preview of all three shows, read more

First Look! Photos from A Very Special "Grey's"

Posted By Entertainment on Apr 16, 2007 at 12:30PM

Folks, meet the doctors of "Private Practice"! The first photos of the "Grey's Anatomy" episode that could lead to the Addison-centered spinoff are out, and they're packed with interesting glimpses of the show-to-be.

According to ABC, the two-hour episode will be called "The Other Side of This Life," and it's scheduled to air May 3. Details are still a little sketchy, but we know that Addison will be taking a temporary leave from Seattle Grace and setting out on a road trip to LA. It looks like a jam-packed episode, including:

  • Cristina shopping for a wedding dress, aided by Meredith, Izzie, and Callie (and, it would appear, Burke's mom)
  • Addison reuniting with her old med school friends and their buddies, played by Tim Daly, Taye Diggs, and Amy Brenneman
  • Chris Lowell, shirtless.

I have tons of pictures (all copyright 2007 ABC, Inc.), so if you want a look, read more

"Grey's Anatomy" Sneak Peek: This Could Be Good

Posted By Entertainment on Apr 13, 2007 at 1:30PM

It looks like a lot of us agree that "Grey's Anatomy" needs to do something — and fast! — to stop the downhill slide that started back in February sweeps. So I was quite excited to come across this new sneak peek of the April 19 episode, which introduces a story line that I think could do the trick. I don't want to reveal too much for you spoilerphobes, but I will say one thing to tempt you: Remember how Izzie had a daughter? Go watch the clip, then leave a comment telling me what you think. I can't wait to talk about this!

Photo copyright 2007 ABC, Inc.