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Hey Everyone! I wanted to create this suite for those of us that are fans and slightly obsessed with this outstanding show! We can chat about the shows and what we think (and wish) will happen next. We could also share spoilers we may find online or through other sources :) I know it will be fun!


Will a Focus Group Kill "Gizzie"?

Posted By Entertainment on Jul 11, 2007 at 12:28PM

So when George and Izzie slept together on "Grey's Anatomy" — and then when it went beyond a drunken hookup to professions of love — I was a little less than thrilled ... if you can call screaming and throwing pillows in the general direction of my TV screen "a little less than thrilled." Now, rumor has it ABC is hearing the anguish over "Gizzie" direct from fans themselves: According to Michael Ausiello at TV Guide, the network did a "Grey's" focus group to ask 200-some fans about the pairing — and the results were 95 percent negative.

Now, I have no idea how seriously Shonda Rhimes and the powers-that-be at ABC take focus groups, and I'm not sure I believe Ausiello's anonymous source saying this means Gizzie is done — especially given his report that Lexie Grey, whom the focus group didn't like much either, will be a regular character. But I do think it's hilarious that the network presumably spent money to put this focus group together in the first place. I mean, if they wanted to see how people were reacting to the hookup, they could have just read the outraged comments on Buzz, or their own blog or, you know, any other site on the Internet.

To be fair, though, only a modest 70 percent of Buzz readers wanted Gizzie gone. Maybe we should do our own "Grey's" focus group, hm?

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Isaiah Washington Speaks Out About his Firing

Posted By Entertainment on Jun 13, 2007 at 2:26PM

Aside from his bizarre Network-inspired statement, Isaiah Washington initially kept quiet following his firing from "Grey's Anatomy," letting his riled-up spokesman do the talking instead. But the former Dr. Burke finally broke his silence by speaking to Entertainment Weekly about his firing and his future plans. Here are a few highlights:

On whether his firing was fair:
"I'm saddened by the outcome. I did everything that the producers and the network asked me to do. I came back under great duress and stress, and thought I was doing the job I was hired to do."

On what he'll miss about "Grey's":
"I'll miss working with the team. I think the past season we got our rite of passage and we pretty much all learned what we can and we can't do...like any other new show or fledgling child trying to find its legs. Season 4 is going to be stronger, better and wiser and smarter, and I had hoped to be a contributor to that."

More Isaiah quotes, so

On how this will affect his career:
"I can only apologize so many times. I can only accept so much responsibility. All the players involved have taken care of what we needed to take care of in-house — and the media took it in a different direction. ... I just hope people can understand in the industry and otherwise that it's a horrible misunderstanding what transpired with our show and it was blown out of proportion. If the naysayers out there feel that some justice has been served and that they're happy with the outcome, so be it."

On what he'll do next:
"I've gotten a ton of offers in both film and TV, and now my agent Ben Press and I are just sorting through all the options. There is one network in particular that's very interested. But I don't want to say anything specific until it's a done deal."

Washington also denied rumors that he's plotting a lawsuit against ABC, which is a relief; this drama has been around long enough!

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"Grey's" Fans: George Will Be Back!

Posted By Entertainment on Jun 6, 2007 at 11:28AM

Exciting news on the Grey's front today: T.R. Knight has been bought for another season! Now promised $125,000 per episode along with a small portion of the show profits, the adorable George O'Malley will continue to bumble about the halls of Seattle Grace. There had been some uncertainty surrounding George's (and T.R. Knight's) fate on the show after what he did (er, failed to do) in the finale, and the highly publicized incident in which costar Isaiah Washington directed a homophobic insult toward Knight on set. In the end, it looks like we'll be able to see which of the gorgeous women who are inexplicably head-over-heels for him he chooses after all.

Speaking of Isaiah Washington, his return to the show is still not definite. Pay boosts similar to Knight's were also awarded to several other Grey's stars, but not to Washington. A source hints that Washington's character will "be back as a series regular," though the publicists at ABC are deflecting questions about the issue, claiming the audience is supposed to not know whether Dr. Burke will be back, and reminding us that that's what "cliffhanger" means.

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What's the Most Ridiculous "Grey's" Moment Ever?

Posted By Entertainment on May 28, 2007 at 11:03AM

Before this month's "Grey's Anatomy" finale, we in the Sugar office were debating whether "Grey's" jumped the shark this season with the not-wedding, the trip to heaven, the multiple parental deaths, etc. It got me thinking about all of the ridiculous things that have happened on that show since the start. What's your pick for the most insane "Grey's" plot twist of all time?

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"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 24, "Didn't We Almost Have It All"

Posted By Entertainment on May 18, 2007 at 10:57AM

So after everything this season — the tremors and the ferry crashes, the weddings and the births and the deaths — this is where we end up. I thought the "Grey's Anatomy" finale this week was pretty reflective of the season as a whole: pretty predictable, but with enough good things thrown in to make me hopeful for next season. In fact, I'm actually pretty happy with the cliffhangers leading us into season four, so without further ado,

First of all, props to smarler and CM213 for calling the Lexie Grey thing long before I even thought of it last week. Brilliant!

I loved how the episode was structured around the sequences of Richard issuing his verdict to all of the candidates for chief. Each candidate was told no for a reason so appropriate to their characters: Mark because he was just in the race to one-up Derek; Addison because she needed the job too much; Burke because the Chief holds him to a higher standard.

But that’s only a small part of Richard’s story this episode; the rest of the time, he’s with Adele. He finds out she's pregnant, of course, but he still sits with her and makes her drink water and acts like her husband. She goes into surgery and loses the baby, but Richard misunderstands and thinks Adele has died; he runs in, sees her open her eyes, and sighs with relief. He asks Adele if she should call the father, but she says the father didn't know; she misjudged him, she says, thinking he would run, but instead he's a man who would sit by her bedside and make her drink her water. Richard slowly realizes she’s saying he would have been a father.

Cristina, meanwhile, is a ball of wedding anxiety, and the other girls literally write her vows on her hand. Burke's mom gives her the family's heirloom choker — choker, of course, in case we couldn't get the symbolism — and somehow shaves off Cristina's eyebrows, and she arrives at the hospital begging to please cut someone open.

Meredith babbles to Derek that she's herself again and now she wants him to sleep over, and he informs her that he met a girl at a bar and flirting with her was the highlight of his week. He works on the hikers, one of whom admits he accidentally swatted their friend in the head with the axe when they were falling. But in surgery, Derek realizes the strike wasn't accidental. One hiker finally admits their friend was in so much pain that the axe was the swiftest way to end his suffering. Inspired, Derek asks Meredith for the metaphorical axe to the head: If she doesn't see a future for them, she needs to put him out of his misery.

Burke tries out his vows in surgery — "I am not optimistic; I am not hopeful. I am sure." — and Addison jokingly tells him to dump Cristina and marry her instead. Callie tells George all she can think about is having a baby, and they start trying right there in the on call room. And it turns in to a very good day for Callie, because Bailey checks the board for the chief resident announcement and it's Calliope Torres, M.D. Izzie, oblivious to all of this, goes to George and tells him that if he really wants to be with Callie, she'll support him, but she's in love with him, and she needs him to know that — "and I hope you're in love with me, too."

Meanwhile, Jane Doe/Ava/Rebecca's husband, Jeff, shows up, but Rebecca mostly looks bored. Just before Alex is going to leave for the wedding, Rebecca tells him that she's been discharged; Alex isn't taking the bait, so she spells out that she's looking for Alex to give her a reason not to go. Alex tells her Jeff is a decent guy and she should stay with him.

Minutes before the wedding, the interns get their test scores, and George doesn’t pass. Burke essentially congratulates Derek on being chief, but Derek says he didn’t get the offer. Alex flirts with Addison, and she says he wants Ava/Rebecca and not her — but when he goes back (which I wish he wouldn’t have) he finds an empty room. George, meanwhile, asks Bailey what to do next, and she tells him he can either leave or repeat his intern year. "Did I fail you, George?" she asks, and he responds that he failed her.

Cristina is about to go down the aisle when she realizes that her vows are gone; she freaks out and Burke ends up walking up the aisle to find her. Meredith calms her down, and Cristina says she didn't want the wedding before, but now she thinks she does; Burke says he wants her to know, and he leaves. I know I said before that I'd be done if Burke left her at the altar, but it actually worked for me. Meredith, meanwhile, tells everyone in the church that it's over.

Cristina's standing in her dress in the apartment when Meredith walks in. Cristina says Burke is gone — his trumpet is gone, and his CDs, and his lucky scrub cap. She asks Meredith to get the choker and the dress off her while she sobs “he’s gone! I’m free … dammit.”

George is cleaning out his locker when the new group of interns comes in. Among them: the girl from the bar. She asks George for advice; he tells her to learn how to do an appendectomy before the first day. She then introduces herself as Lexie Grey.

In the end, we see the final scene with the chief and Derek, and Derek tells Richard he's not the best man for the job — Richard is. Wouldn't he do it differently if he could have another chance?

So that's our season. I love the introduction of Lexie. Does she even know about Meredith? I can't imagine why Thatcher wouldn't have steered her away from Seattle Grace, but Lexie seems like the kind of girl who gets what she wants, kind of a brighter, shiner, happier version of Meredith. There's something a little too perfect in Lexie also meeting Derek in a bar the night before she starts her internship at Seattle Grace, but I like what it could do for the story, so I'll take it. I can't imagine Richard will come back as chief, honestly, now that he's somewhat reconciled with Adele; doesn't this just put him in the same position he was before, choosing his job over his family? And I'm not sure I see George leaving, either; if he repeated his intern year, it would be a way to integrate Lexie's class of interns in with the existing group. Burke, too, doesn't really feel gone, yet, and I want to hear the chief tell Bailey why he passed her over. I'm ready to leave this rollercoaster season behind, but I'm hopeful about the setup we've been given for season four. What do you think?

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"Grey's Anatomy": Who Might Be Leaving?

Posted By Entertainment on May 16, 2007 at 8:15AM

In the midst of all the excitement over ABC's new shows, I forgot to point out a bit of gossip that sprung up around one of the old ones: "Grey's Anatomy." There have been rumors floating around for a while now that someone — maybe TR Knight, maybe Isaiah Washington, maybe Sara Ramirez — could be leaving the show at the end of the season. The Knight and Washington rumors date back to the on-set scandal last fall, while Ramirez's departure would pave the way for George and Izzie to be together — and when a reporter recently asked Ramirez if she'd be back, she responded with a "maybe."

Before ABC's schedule presentation, reporters asked ABC President Steve McPherson if someone would indeed be leaving, and his responses were less than reassuring; according to E!, the answers "ranged from 'at this point, nothing's been decided' to 'The show will return intact next season' to 'Most of the cast will return.'" Yikes!

So, do you think someone's really leaving? And if so, which cast member will it be?

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"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 23, "Testing, 1-2-3"

Posted By Entertainment on May 11, 2007 at 11:40AM

Well, that felt ... normal. It was nice to have "Grey's Anatomy" back as its own show after last week's jumpy, jumbled mess, and for the most part, I thought it felt like old-school "Grey's." While I'm dreading next week's finale, I enjoyed the setup, so to talk about it,

It’s test day for the interns, as well as the day before Burke and Cristina’s wedding, the day of Susan’s funeral, and the day George finds out he's gotten into the surgery program at Mercy West. Sounds like a perfect setup for disaster, huh?

Early on, Ava — who has teeth now! — slips and reveals a memory to Alex. She ultimately admits she remembers her life: She was in a lousy marriage, and she'd come to Seattle to get away. All I could think about was Alex telling her last week that some people would kill for the ability not to remember; how awful it must have been for Ava to realize she liked the blank slate better. Alex doesn't understand why she won't tell people she's alive, and she refuses to tell him her name.

A grieving, angry Thatcher shows up at the hospital and tells Meredith she's not wanted at Susan’s funeral. "She trusted you, she came to you for help, and you killed her," he shouts. Just before the interns' test begins, Richard tells Meredith she's not to blame for Susan's death. "Just because you slept with my mother does not make you my father," she says. In the test room, she stares blankly into space.

Derek asks Meredith how the test went, but she pushes past him and sits alone while the interns try to figure out how to help. George tells her that when your parents die, you make terrible decisions that you'll have to live with for a long time. Eventually, the interns convince Richard to let Meredith retake the test; she again says he’s not her father, but she cries in his arms anyway.

Meanwhile, Addison is being stalked by pregnant women. First, Joe and Walter show up with their potential surrogate mom and ask Addison to check her out. Then Adele comes in after a fender-bender and tells Addison she's pregnant — at age 50+! — with another man's baby. Addison whines to Callie that maybe she could get pregnant if she were gay, or a teenager, or a member of the AARP, and Callie admits that she's been thinking about getting pregnant herself.

Which is perfect timing, given all that’s going on with George. Bailey gives George a dressing-down, telling him he'd be a fool to transfer out of the most prestigious surgery program in the country. George says he simply can't see Izzie every day — "I'm a married man," he says, nice of him to realize — but Izzie tries a last-ditch effort to keep him from going. "I know you think I have feelings for you,” she says, “but I don't, so you can stay." Liar!

Now that we know how the interns are doing, let’s talk about the mountain climbers. This was one of the more adept medical-cases-as-metaphors this show has done. Three climbers who were tied together get injured on a mountain; they’ve left their fourth friend behind to die. The way I see it, Burke and Cristina are climbing the mountain, hoping the pain will be worth it; Izzie is the climber getting her hands amputated; and Meredith is the climber left behind to die. But the interns have saved her by getting her to take the test again, right?

Well ...

Everything explodes in the final few minutes. Callie tells Bailey — who's been almost assured of her spot as chief resident — that she's in the running, too. Burke tells Derek that he has no idea if Cristina's written her vows; Derek tells Burke he has no idea how Meredith's doing at all. Joe and Addison briefly talk babies, until Walter comes back with the surrogate mom, who faints in the bar. And Ava tells Alex her real name: Rebecca.

Richard runs into Adele, who slips into the bathroom to avoid him. He starts shouting through the door: "I've moved on! OK, I'm not actually dating, but I intend to!" Finally, he walks in — and finds Adele passed out on the floor.

Cristina attempts to write her vows, whining about how the whole "love and cherish you every moment of every day of my life" bit is stupid. Izzie says that if she couldn't be with the person she loved, hearing something like that would be all she could ever think about. "You're talking about Denny, right?" asks Meredith, while Callie gives Izzie the death stare.

Derek runs into a random woman at the bar who asks to buy him a drink. He says no, but when she says that's a shame, he wonders aloud if she's right.

And in the final scene, in comes the last hiker — with an axe in his head. "What the hell happened up on that mountain?" Bailey asks. So, girl in the bar = axe in Meredith's head?

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Is "Grey's Anatomy" Bad for Women?

Posted By Entertainment on May 10, 2007 at 5:00AM

Are the women of "Grey's Anatomy" and its soon-to-be spinoff, "Private Practice," just weak, spineless creatures who can't function without a man? That's the buzz from a couple of recent articles, and I'm curious to hear what you think.

In Entertainment Weekly, critic Gillian Flynn says there's not a woman on "Grey's" worth emulating. (The story isn't on EW's site, but you can read it here.) And in the New York Times, Alessandra Stanley says even Addison is going downhill as the leading lady of a spinoff populated by women even more pathetic than those on "Grey's":

It wouldn't matter, since the show is admittedly over-the-top escapist fantasy for women, except that it is troubling that even in escapist fantasies, today’s heroines have to be weak, needy and oversexed to be liked by women and desired by men.

Stanley goes on to say that Addison has "become dizzier, chattier and very much like the ever confused and self-doubting Meredith" — as well as the queen of neurotic TV heroines, Ally McBeal — since first appearing on the show, so

It's true that Addison has changed; she's stopped being a frosty bitch (also not a terribly appealing stereotype of a woman) and turned into a deeper, sassier character. On "Grey's," her professional life has always been her focus — until recently, anyway, when her fantasies about Alex made her a basket case. But based on the snippets of "Private Practice" we've seen, I'm not sure Addison has become incapable of functioning without a man. Her whole purpose in going to LA was to have a baby on her own. And yes, she did get schmoopy when Tim Daly's character kissed her — but she also told him not to do it again.

I agree with Stanley, though, about the other women of "Private Practice." Amy Brenneman's Violet seemed particularly flimsy, and while I liked Merrin Dungey's Naomi, I hated — hated! — that she indulged flirting from Dell the seriously underage receptionist. The scene where Violet, Naomi and Addison ogled Dell's shirtless body was the worst of the whole episode.

EW's Flynn is just as harsh about the women still at Seattle Grace, calling Cristina "a selfish, sharp-tongued harpy," Izzie a "flippy, floppy, weepy creature" and Meredith a "whiny woman" who expects everyone to cater to her whims. (Bailey doesn't get a mention.) She continues:

Really, they're just nasty. Which, conversely, is part of the charm for women viewers. If you're "complicated," what better reassurance than a show lauding "complicated" women?

Ouch. I agree that I don't like the direction the writers have gone with perpetually lovelorn Izzie, and Meredith has always been my least-favorite character. But I find it interesting that Cristina's me-first attitude isn't what Flynn wants to see in her TV women, either. So what is?

Here's what I want: Female characters who are powerful but occasionally vulnerable, who are capable professionals but still have a private life — which, yes, can include a quest for love. It's a hard line to walk, and "Grey's" did it once, but now I'm not so sure. Bafflingly, Flynn says the men of "Grey's Anatomy" rock. Has she not looked at George recently? At Richard cheating on his wife, then abandoning her for his work? Sure, the women have their problems — but the men aren't exactly prizes, either.

So what do you think? Is "Grey's" bad for women? And are there any TV shows on today that get intelligent, complex women right?

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"Private Practice": A Sure Thing? Just Ask Ellen

Posted By Entertainment on May 9, 2007 at 4:50PM

That Ellen sure does get things done. While taping an interview with Kate Walsh for an upcoming show this afternoon, Ellen DeGeneres decided the "Grey's Anatomy" star shouldn't have to wait until ABC announces its fall schedule on Tuesday to learn whether her spinoff, "Private Practice," is getting picked up as a series. She phoned up ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson and asked for an answer on the spot. The episode will air Thursday, but if you can't wait to see what he said,

"I think she's in pretty good shape," McPherson told Ellen, who then leaned over and said, "You have your own show, Kate!" Check it out:

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"Private Practice": First Thoughts

Posted By Entertainment on May 4, 2007 at 12:17PM

As I said earlier, I really wish the LA portion of this week's "Grey's Anatomy could have gotten its own hour, rather than being intercut with the regular episode. It was tough to get a good sense of what kind of show "Private Practice" could be from that jumpy, scattered two-hour episode. Frankly, I wish they'd skipped the medical cases in LA altogether; we didn’t even care about the doctors yet, much less the patients.

Still, I imagine that if I could pull all the "Private Practice" bits out and watch it as a stand-alone episode, I'd think it was a decent pilot. It wasn't anywhere near as good as the "Grey's" pilot was back in 2005, but the "Grey's" pilot was one of the best I've ever seen. Pilots always have problems, especially in ensemble shows where the writers have to set up a lot of background. But I thought the "Private Practice" elements had promise, even if the show's not quite there yet.

Maybe the most reassuring thing for me was seeing Addison carry a show successfully, so

I love Addison — she's been my favorite character on "Grey's" from her first appearance — but I worried that she wouldn't be compelling as a leading lady. I don't need to worry about that anymore. Kate Walsh is a good dramatic actress, but she might be even better at comedy, which will come in handy if the spinoff keeps its lighter tone. And how great was it to see Addison among friends? In Seattle, she's always been a bit of an outcast, and we haven't seen much of her personal life — most likely because she doesn't really have one outside of work. Her interactions with Naomi were refreshing and fun, and I could see those two sassy, saucy 30-somethings conquering LA together.

Let's meet the rest of the characters:

  • Naomi (Merrin Dungey), Addison's med school best friend. She's a fertility specialist, and she's divorced and bitter because she feels she did everything right and still ended up unfulfilled.
  • Sam (Taye Diggs), Naomi's ex-husband and the guru of the Oceanside Wellness Center. He woke up one morning, asked for a divorce and doesn’t really know why.
  • Violet (Amy Brenneman), Oceanside's therapist who is — shockingly — convinced she'll never find true love.
  • Cooper (Paul Adelstein), the socially awkward pediatrician who either has a thing for Violet, has had a thing with her in the past, or both.
  • Dell (Chris Lowell), Oceanside's receptionist and resident eye candy, who has a thing for Naomi. He also parades around shirtless before and after his daily surfing breaks, much to the delight of Naomi and Violet (and now Addison).
  • Pete (Tim Daly), the alterna-doc who gives Addison her first acupuncture treatment and also her first LA kiss.
    • I saved Pete for last because, while I'm not the biggest Tim Daly fan, I did think he and Kate Walsh had some pretty convincing chemistry. I wasn't surprised to find out, though, that Pete has his problems; he's been widowed for eight years and struggles to make personal connections.

      As for the storyline, Addison heads to LA to try to have a baby, which might have been a nice surprise had ABC not spoiled it in the promos. She finds out she can't conceive, which is just perfect — she didn't have a baby with the right guy because she was focusing on her career, then she didn't have a baby with the wrong guy, and now that she doesn't need either guy, she can't have a baby at all. I like that they left her conflicted about that; on the one hand, she definitely wanted a kid, but on the other hand, as Naomi said, a baby wouldn't necessarily have been the best path to happiness.

      I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the talking elevator. The revelation that the voice was just Tilly the security guard getting her jollies was a little disappointing (though, really, what were the other options?). But I couldn't help thinking that if Seattle Grace's elevator had a security camera, many problems might have been prevented (ahem, George and Izzie).

      The show had some over-the-top sitcommy elements but also some funny lines, most of them Addison's. And I guess that's not surprising; Addison is the character the writers know best at this point. Of the new doctors, I thought Violet was the weakest; Naomi and Sam, on the other hand, seemed like they could become rich characters.

      And yes, of course, it was a little too convenient that Addison would get a medical case on her first day in LA, and it was a little too perfect that their OB/GYN had just left. But pilots are like that; they're contrived and silly, and they rarely show the best a show can offer. The most important thing is that there's potential for the show to become more, and I saw that here. What about you?

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